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This calculator will help you assess the costs of building a Website

Our Free, independent and objective calculator will estimate your website building costs, simply by answering just a few questions. You will then receive a fair and detailed summary of your site’s costs.

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About this calculator

Web-SitesBids is a free (And will  always remain so) and objective tool which guides medium to large business owners, entrepreneurs and companies in decision making with your internet and digital media needs.

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What you should be checking with your web designer?

There are many questions and decisions involved when creating your website and so make sure you are getting the answers you need before you start.

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What your web, designer won’t tell you

The most important thing when choosing a web designer is making sure you go with someone you like and can get along well with and provide you with the accurate requirements needed to create a successful website. Someone who is honest and truthful with you about what they provide and are clear on their pricing

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