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Free web design calculator which guides medium to large business owners, entrepreneurs and companies in decision making with your internet and digital media needs.

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The web design calculator was founded by a small group of three, young entrepreneurs who came together from within the Technology Industry having grown frustrated of hearing about all the stories of technophobes getting duped into buying and being provided the wrong media information for their companies, whilst being manipulated to simply make money and not provide the correct and most effective web design and web management advice .

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The purpose of this web design calculator

The purpose of this site is to help companies make an informed decision regarding the implementation and management of either a new website, application development or media needs. Our service will assist you by gathering your web design desires, calculate your requirements and refer your information to 3 Independent Suppliers with absolutely No Charge and No Obligation!

We give you tools

In a fast growing industry such as web design where you can get literally dozens of quotes in minutes, customers do not always have the tools or the ability to understand why there is such a difference in costs and services provided, sometimes accompanied by all sorts of technical terms set to bamboozle you into making wrong decisions as this may not be your area of expertise.

We give you tools
user-friendly web design calculator

User Friendly

Web-SitesBids is a user-friendly questionnaire with easy to understand and easy to follow guidelines for your web design and media needs, without the complications and confusing terminology needed to understand, simply what your company website needs

Price range that is reliable

At the end of the questionnaire, the web design calculator presents you with a price range that is reliable to and bespoke to your needs. We then simply propose 3 associated relevant suppliers, filtered by the experts at Web-SitesBids to you, in order to assist in gaining you the website you desire without the agony of having made wrong/unknowledgable decisions

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Just to clarify, Web-SitesBids is FREE to use and there is NO OBLIGATION by you!