What you should

be checking with your web designer!


There are many questions and decisions involved when creating your website and so make sure you are getting the answers you need before you start.

How to analyze your web design proposal?

What your web design proposal includes

Find out exactly what your web design proposal includes and excludes. Find out, who exactly is responsible for what elements of the website. Who owns what information (e.g. image or content rights) or who has the right to access.

Shared web hosting

Who else shares or are affiliated the same shared web hosting as your company? This is a major question as you may have agreed to an open source CMS which may suit your needs, but who exactly are you sharing it with and are the affiliated companies associated with shared web hosting appropriate or damaging for your business?

What happens if I get hacked?

Are there any guarantees or any security measures in place? Once the website is built, am I left to my own devices or should ensure I have been covered in times of distress.

Who controls any necessary updates?

Does your web design handle any updates on your system or are you left to manage ongoing changes required to the website?

Company needs

Is your proposal designed bespoke for your company needs or is it a generic package? Will the website provide the service it has been designed for?

Who is responsible for your website and why?

Who is responsible for your website and why? Does your proposal state what your web designer manages and what if anything you need to do?

Am I supposed to look after the back-ups?

Whose responsibility is this, your web designer or yours and how is this done?

Video hosting

Who is responsible for your web hosting or video hosting?

Open Source CMS

Which CMS has been offered to you and is it to your advantage? Propriety CMS or Open Source CMS?

The answers to the above questions are quite literally the difference between a very satisfied happy customer and a very disgruntled dissatisfied customer – so ensure you gets things sorted before you start!!!